There have been umpteen TV
shows, articles, biographies on this couple’s romantic history but the tale still doesn’t stop amazing people. Here's how the story goes...

Shahrukh, a Hindu College grad, saw Gauri Chibbad and fell in love with her instantly. She was everything he aspired to be – cool, classy and sophisticated. Any other guy would’ve left it at that with a girl way out of his league but not Shahrukh.

He relentlessly pursued her and finally managed to get her to like him. That was in 1984 and both were so much in love that none even gave a thought to them belonging to different religions and the staunch opposite ones at that.

They had secret rendezvous as they were afraid of Gauri’s parents and how furious they might be considering that she belonged to a typical Hindu Brahmin family. The pleasant lovelorn days passed by until a fateful day when Gauri just disappeared without telling Shahrukh anything of her whereabouts.

Shahrukh, like a typical Scorpio, was an extremely possessive guy and used to hate it if Gauri wore a swimsuit to the pool or even let her hair down occasionally. He wanted all of her to himself and used to burn with jealousy if other boys so much as looked at her. Unsurprisingly Gauri couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go to Mumbai. But Shahrukh, mad as he was for her, decided to go there too as soon as he found out.

After telling his mother and arranging for some money he followed after her without having a clue how he would find her. But he managed to do so after frantic searching and as they say rest is history. At that moment both knew that it would be impossible for them to stay apart.