So, sorry women. Both of you are going to affect our footwear off. But we don't think we'll take factors.

 Item Dancer lady wars: Sambhavna vs. Rakhi  
The two are now in a competition to see who's movie gets launched first. Regardless of the time frame, we know what to anticipate from these item  queen. It can be going to be lava hot with the craziest goes.

 Rakhi Sawant and Sambhavna Seth prevent each other as much as possible. But all performances of 'peace time' has gone break with a new war of the item a queen.
 These days, Rakhi was the discuss of the city with her attractive item selection in Rakhtbeej and upcoming Arabic film, Om Shanti.
 Sambhavna Seth has gone one-up with items selection down Southern area in Tollywood movie Gundairaj.