She's hot, sassy and is called the Paris Hilton of Pakistan.

Probably a bigger controversy Queen than Veena Malik, Mathira is a rebel who is changing the way Pakistan is perceived.

Topless! A La Veena Malik
The 20 year old half-Pakistani half-South African babe, who is apparently from Kenya, has done what Veena Malik did - gone naked on the cover of 'Fashion Diet Fortnightly'.

But there is one big difference, she has done it right her own country, while Veena went full monty in India - keeping a safe distance from the danger zone.
. Hot Yoga - The Beginning
Mathira debuted on Pakistani TV channels through a Yoga show on Vibe TV. She used to teach yoga fully covered and talked about things like 'yoga for a voluptuous body'.

She became so popular, that the show came with a second season called Curvacious Yoga, and it had Mathira in a sports bra!
. Sexy Vj Mathira
As her popularity amongst the conservative masses of Pakistan sore, she became a rage on TV. Mathira then started hosting a live late-night programme called Love Indicator on Vibe TV.

The content of the show was nothing short of raunchy. With a strange accent and uninhibited candidness of Mathira, the show got incredible viewership.
The super confident lass speaks her mind and is scared of none - be it culture or fundamentalists. She talks about taboo subjects like sexuality, love and HIV/Aids openly and wears provocative dresses. This is precisely the reason Pakistani critics have been calling her names like raunchy and sex kitten.

But there's no stopping this babe, as with each passing day she's grabbing eye balls and even getting many film offers
. Controversial
Thanks to her uber-sexy VJing skills, Mathira is now hosting another show called Baji Online on Aag TV and it is already being condemned in Pakistan.

She's pushing the limits in her ultra-conservative country - facing the flak from some who call her immoral and at the same time getting admiration for her courageous and independent thinking, by others.

We see a new league rising in Pakistan, let us wait and watch what this kitten does next to shock the world.

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