In career news, Freida recently opened up about her approach to picking projects, telling the Wall Street Journal, “I look at everything I have in front of me, a bunch of different things coming from my agents, and I read all of them and I don’t understand the thinking that, oh, just because this is a big popcorn film, I don’t want to look at it."

Looking perfectly primed for the chilly weather, the "Slumdog Millionaire" actress bundled up in a trendy black puffer coat, black leggings and matching flats for her departure.

Heading off after enjoying her Parisian getaway with friends, Freida Pinto was spotted arriving at the Eurostar Station in London, England earlier this morning (December 7).

“That’s not the way I want to [think], but I want to have a balance in my career because I feel there’s something about each kind of independent as well as commercial film that is irreplaceable. You can’t have the same thing that you do when you have an independent film that you can have in a commercial, big-budget film, and vice versa," Miss Pinto added.

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